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The Land of A Boy Name siaoboi...


1. sTicKyCaPs. I HaVe No IdEa wHy ThEy LoVe tO wRiTe lIke ThIs, sO IrRiTaTiNg lOrX, I dUn eVeN kNoW WhAt tHe hElL ThEy aRe wRitiNg aBoUt, aNd tHeY aRe So pROuD Of It lOlx ~

2. Are kids today having grammar problems? Or did teachers teach them to write extra letters? For example: todaee horr, thatt teaacherr verii thee cb lehh.. keepp piickiing on miie iin class.. ii dunn liike herr faccee lorr… Or are they blind or what? Can’t see that I there, so there’s a need to add an extra I? If you really can’t see, please go and get yourself a pair of spectacles in case if there’s this need of adding more extra letters in words in the future!

3. After grammar, comes the vocabulary problem. Can’t they just spell properly? Their you = euu, is = ishhh, blog = bloggie, cool = kewl, me = moii or meii, etc. If they really want to be inventors pleases invent some extraordinary words that are not being found in any dictionary instead of just changing their spelling! No wonder our English standard is dropping, hAiX~

4. In...most...blog, they love... to do...this, they....did...this...so that....their...posts...will...look longer. If...they write....until like...that...then...I suggest...that...they...might...as well....don’t....update...their...blog. What’s...the use...of writing....lots...of..craps with...lots of ...............

5. Everybody is talking about project superstar! I know that they will be their future idol, but is there a need to paste them all around blogskins? If that’s the reason then I advice this people to paste them on walls and offer them joss sticks and pray to them! Just a simple blogskin will do right? Is there even a need to paste all this idols everywhere?

6. Next is the color contrast. They love to have all sorts of bright bright blogskins, and their posts are filled with bright bright fonts, it’s really irritating because I need to highlight them in order to read all this posts! I wonder if they have special eyes that allows them to filter off bright bright colors? If not why is there a need to make your whole blog bright bright? This kind of blog people will never give a damn about them!

7. As we know that blogs are public diaries, but I have no idea why there are people who love to use this “Anti right-click” Html. It’s not like you are a supermodel or what and people are stealing all of your pictures. If you don’t like other people to steal your pictures, then don’t post them! As easy as that. By the way, whenever there’s something which captures my attention in a blog whose owner blocks my right-click, I my ways of getting them!

Way 1. Use the “view source button”

Way 2. Use Firefox, it will allow you to right-click even if the anti right-click html is on!

These are some useful ways to copy people stuff even if they don’t allow. Enjoy copying!

8. No matter it’s a guy or a girl, they love to “show off” their like and dislike. Take for example, lots of them love: chocolates, ice cream, toys, etc. And dislike: back stabbers, KPKB teachers, alone, liars, perverts, etc. I wonder what makes them so different from others? Who love back stabbers, etc. Only them?

9. Cliche lines. Have you notice that they love to quote "it takes a minute to know someone, an hour to like him, a day to love him, and a lifetime to forget him". It’s so unrealistic! An hour to like someone! You must be joking with me man! No wonder there are so many “innocent” girls who proclaim that they have got cheated! Please la…life is not that simple as an hour to like someone or a day to love him! WAKE UP!!

10. I bet that there are people who think their life is a messy and everything, for example "my whole life is in a mess... family, friendship, career... i am beginning to hate myself... i am sad and lonely... when will i be able to find the right person to save me?" Please this is YOUR life, not other people’s, and you will have to save your own self instead of “Ohhh…my Romeo come and save me from all my suffering!”


Edited By Shawn

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3:42 PM

LoL, y after 2 person edited this but still got spelling and grammar sala?

can i do a final edition so tt i can post this wonderful post in my blog as well?


6:13 PM

Hear, hear!

You forgot animated GIFs and those annoying pseudo-layer blogskins!    

6:13 PM

Oh yeah. And stupid songs set to autoplay... Grr!    

6:28 PM

yeah, music and video codes. Freaking annoying.

To all these kids, I'd like to say something to you:


Okay, rant's over. You may all stop staring now. Thank you    

7:15 PM

I think your last paragraph, you got it wrong. there are really teenagers who are lonely


8:05 PM

You got tomorrow-ed!    

9:10 PM

i cannot agree more!!! you can spot blogs like this a mile away..just get the hell outta there!    

9:32 PM

its 'in' for them. though i can't see why.    

9:45 PM


Just don't read them lor..
why go through the trouble of highlighting their paragraphs to read ?    

10:46 PM

Criticise so much for fuck sia? Don't like what you see then fuck off lor. It amuses me that you find it difficult to read the bright font, yet can be bothered to highlight blah blah blah so as to read the words.

Chill out man. Let the kids have the freedom for "self-expression". Nonetheless, a good read. :)    

11:23 PM

Yar loh. People shiok can liao loh. Don't like read then don't READ la...

But not bad la, abit jiao, but nice post.    

12:07 AM

right on! I share the same fustration.    

12:08 AM


nice post

but there are some things i gotta sae:

the ... ... ... sometimes ppl are jus used to it, like me!! better than one string of words or ,,, rite?

den some things like den = then, short form mah, msn always use de, hard to change.

the likes and dislikes, profile mah if not put wad in profile? i find this ok though.    

12:33 AM

ah voon. if profile nth to put, then as well dun put.
dun put for the sake of putting.

and Syl commented ur Pix2 PE1 that u created the effect for the sake of creating.
and and... I 1/2 1/2 agree.

*sorry siaoboi for turning this into a chat room.

but i guess u more happy to kena Tomorrowed rite?

1:39 AM

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.    

1:40 AM

Haha, I don't mind that it became a chat room, by the way, i even bother to read all this blog is beacuse some of them are my friends one, so bo bian have to read...    

2:02 AM

to -cow-

Ya...I can’t agree more that there are really teens who are lonely, but there are still those who have caring friends and supporting parent, yet because of relationships problems they became that way, they are so foolish!
Sorry if I happen to hurt anybody, but I was just referring to those who take their life for granted.    

8:21 AM

hey i must copy and paste it to my blog....    

9:06 AM

Dude, you are so right.

Were we like that when we were younger? I think not...


9:49 AM

Oh bOy YoU ArE GeTtInG oLd!!!!

(tYpInG LiKe tHiS kInDa KiLlLlLl mE)    

12:08 PM

There's one more type of language, commonly seen in the EDMW forum in hardwarezone.com. It's deliberatly mispelled english words that sound like Ah Beng's talk. Very funny though.    

2:02 PM

you missed out the irritating popups that normally says '______ rawks' and stuff. And the songs!    

3:35 PM

Haha...I love this entry. I thought about it when I read people's blog. But why do you have to bother? Okay..maybe the english part is very annoying. But if they want to express themselves in their own way. Let them be.    

4:23 PM


Originally posted : Anonymous said...
Criticise so much for fuck sia? Don't like what you see then fuck off lor. It amuses me that you find it difficult to read the bright font, yet can be bothered to highlight blah blah blah so as to read the words.

Anonymous said...
Yar loh. People shiok can liao loh. Don't like read then don't READ la...


Me : I bet this 2 jokers above use that type of method to blog. They must be struggling the hell out of themselves when they post their comments here. XD

Peace out,
The Boy.    

5:10 PM

ya...agree and huda, read my lastest entry, i said that they have their freedom of how their blogs look like, and i have my own freedom to complain about them!    

7:46 PM


"you missed out the irritating popups that normally says '______ rawks' and stuff. And the songs!"

this has been added in Part 2 =DD    

5:54 PM

i think you're seriously bored. and i find u extremely amusing for wasting your time to criticise those blogs whose layouts are not favourable to your eyes. simply shut that window if u do not like them. why bother to highlight the words so that you could read those lAmmMee... and... sTuUUupid... entries as you claimed so, and then make a huge fuss over it? *rolls eyes*    

12:45 AM

annoymous, juz like u. u didn't close ur window and instead bothered to read this ultra-super long post too.

u r contradicting? O_o?    

11:54 AM

nice entry. =)    

9:25 PM

aiyah, they are just being teenagers lah. anyway, reading these blogs entertains me. life would be so boring if all the blogs are "correct" and good :)    

2:43 AM

i think annonymous is already leading a boring life.    

11:33 AM

geez...u know something?most of the bloggers out there can have perfect grammar and vocabulary,IF THEY WISH TO. however,we have enough of that in school.the blog is a means of communication to others,as well as an escape from their mudane lives. the blogs are in public domain,and that is a privilige given to people out there,including you.but,the blog is the bloggers own,and the can do as they wish.if you do not like these styles,notice the big X on the upper-right corner of the screen?click on it.alternatively,you might want to press alt-f4. if you wish,you might want to throw your cpu(in case you are an total idiot,which u seem to be,considering your post, the cpu is the box with the button that you press to make the blackblack thing ahead of u brighten up)out of the window.

Yours Sincerely

5:52 PM

I totally agree with you! Even though I'm a teen myself, I can't stand the way sOmE pEopLeX TyPe LiKe TiS wOrHxx~!!    

11:37 PM

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5:16 PM

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11:30 AM

wth. people and i should say teenagers can have perfect vocab and grammer skills, not to say much better spelling skills then adults or some irritating freaks like you.

what's your damn fucking problem? we wanna write in the way like okays? it's up to your to choose to read it or not. nobody ever takes a knife, puts it on urr throat and force you to click on that go button to visit teenagers blog.

or maye you are just some outdated kuku who cant understand the younger generation, that, i would just hafta say sorry for everything that i have just said beecause you really cant help and be such a pathetic soul.

we like the color combination of BRIGHT colors together. cannot read than don read la. its meant to be this way. and it pisses people like you off.

agagooa and marina
we put the songs there cause teens and their friends enjoy it. if your have a problem with that than dont visit those blog. simple as that. freezes you browser?? how come the song only freezes the browsers of people like you? and takes forever to load. this two statements can show what pathetic souls your are. this shows that the computers your own are laggy historical things like your.

and dont say i'm biased just cause i am a teenager now and ii like to add extra syllabus and put music into my blog. i hate people who type in STicKy cApS too.

if your are not happy with my comment, by all means, start a debate. dont say im childish cause of this. though singapore does not have a freedom of speech, individual souls have the right do what they wish as long as its not against the law.    

8:51 AM

WTH... You don't like to read their blogs then don't read la. There's no one pointing a gun at your head, forcing you to visit the teens' blog. And the reason behind why you know so much about it is because you DO visit their blogs... Zzz...

You criticised teenagers' use of vocabulary and grammar, right? Teens can actually have perfect vocab and grammar. But they only use them during school hours or elsewhere. Who bothers to apply perfect vocab in their own blogs? Furthermore, I don't see how great your vocab really is... Didn't you notice loads of spelling errors in your post? =.=

And c'mon... Stop typing such stupid posts. That's all YOUR own damn fucking problem. YOUR opinion. What can you do just by typing out this sensitive post, huh? The answer is NOTHING... It is impossible to change the teens' mindset. You may not have realised it yet, but you are actually the lame and immature one here...

GROW UP? I seriously think you should be telling that to yourself...    

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